Adding remote start to your vehicle can be frustrating. Where do I go to get it installed? What remote start systems are good?

 Both are very important questions. If you choose a qualified company but they are using an inferior remote start system, you will have problems. If you choose a quality remote start system but it is installed by inferior technicians, you will have problems.Today’s new vehicles are very complicated bundles of electronics and new options like Push To Start and Hybrid has added a new level of difficulty to the remote start industry. Here are a few tips that can help you make that decision a little easier ; 

  1. Did you just purchase this vehicle? You can start by asking your new/used car salesman. He or she will already have a great relationship with a local shop they can refer you to. It’s not likely they are going to refer you to a company that they have had issues with.
  2. Ask friends and family where they had their remote start installed. The most reputable companies will let their customers do their advertising for them
  3. Take into account that sometimes there are issues with equipment or installations with even the best shops. The reputable shop will take care of your issues quickly without hassle. 
  4. Don’t get caught up trying to find the lowest price. Inexpensive can equate to inferior product and inexperienced technicians.
  5. Stick to name brand systems like CodeAlarm and DEI. These brands have been around for decades with great warranties and product support teams.
  6. Ask questions like ; How long does it run for? What is the warranty? How many remotes will it come with? What is the range of the remotes? How many years experience do your remote start technicians have? Have you installed remote start on my exact make, model and year before?

As long as you DYOR ( Do Your Own Research ) you should have no problems locating a qualified local shop for your new remote start system. And as always, give us a call to talk it over and educate you on the process of adding a remote start to your vehicle. 989-790-2949 M&R Auto Electronics.

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