Backup Alarms

M & R Auto Electronics has everything you need to add a level of safety and sophistication to your vehicle through our innovative parking assist solutions. Back out of your driveway or those tight parking spaces knowing your expertly installed backup alarm will provide the advanced warning you need to avoid an accident. Backup alarm systems can provide proximity alerts when you are approaching obstacles in your blind spots or out of view, and/or sound warnings or flashing lights informing motorists and pedestrians that your vehicle is backing up.

At M&R Auto Electronics


Backup Alarms

  • Warn fellow motorists and pedestrians that you are backing up – parking lots can be hectic and you can’t always count on people being aware of their surroundings.
  • Reduce risk of accidents and injury – we all have blind spots and none more than when backing up, proximity alerts sound warnings when approaching obstacles in your path.
  • Backup with confidence – your early warning system helps clear the way when backing up; especially useful for large trucks and vehicles pulling trailers.


If you have any questions about a product or whether an item is compatible with your vehicle, please call 989-790-2949 to get assistance from one of our expert technicians.

Installation for all backup alarms is performed by expert technicians with years of industry knowledge and experience.