Factory Car Radio Repair


Many people experience issues with their factory car radio and immediately want to replace it with an aftermarket unit. In most cases these aftermarket radios never look as good in the dash as the original radio and  they are more likely to be stolen ( see http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=101998015 ). Some people turn to salvage yards for a factory car radio replacement. This usually ends up costing consumers more money than getting their factory radio repaired. These junk yard radios most likely have the same common defects as the vehicles that are on the road and do not come with a warranty. Also, most factory radios these days require programming after installation. These “extra” charges make that junk yard radio, not so cheap anymore. M&R Electronics can program and unlock any factory car radio and there are no “extra” charges here. And the best thing about factory car radio repairs from M&R? We can most likely repair your radio within one business day. And in some cases, the SAME DAY! Common car radio issues include ; 

CD’s stuck in radio and not playing

Radio display out

Buttons wore or broken

back lighting out

Cassette stuck in radio

Broken aux input jack

Touch screen out or not responding

Poor Reception

    M&R Auto Electronics can handle all of these issues and much, much more. All of the radio repairs done at M&R Auto Electronics come with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. M&R Auto Electronics also offers radio exchanges for those radios that are too costly to repair. Our radio inventory consists of new radios and factory re-manufactured radios. We specialize in GM, Ford, Chrysler and most Japanese makes.Remember, don’t go crazy on those long commutes without a radio. Stop in to M&R Auto Electronics or give us a call today. 989-790-2949