Emergency Equipment

M & R Auto Electronics stocks a host of emergency equipment products to outfit our brave first responders, as well as those who keep our streets and parking lots clear of snow during those long winter months.

At M&R Auto Electronics


Police / Fire

We provide our region’s police and fire agencies with the installation and repairs needed to ensure that our first responders are outfitted with the necessary emergency equipment needed while on the job.

  • Spotlights
  • Wig-wags
  • Light Bars
  • Strobe Lights
  • Fog Lights

Safety Lighting

Emergency equipment and lighting isn’t just for our first responders. We can outfit your plow truck with the lighting you need to work through the night,install a light bar on your truck to help you see better on those muddy trails, and install fog lights on most vehicle models to help you cut through those foggy Michigan days.

  • Light Bars
  • Plow Lighting
  • Wig-wags
  • Strobes
  • Fog Lights

If you have any questions about a product or whether an item is compatible with your vehicle, please call 989-790-2949 to get assistance from one of our expert technicians.

Installation for all emergency equipment is performed by expert technicians with years of industry knowledge and experience.