Bluetooth technology is offered in most new car models and has become a standard feature for smartphones and tablets; it allows for hands-free conversations while driving and wireless streaming of all media on your mobile devices. If you aren’t taking advantage of this wireless technology, M & R Auto Electronics can outfit your vehicle with a Bluetooth kit that fits your budget and is right for your vehicle.

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Did you know? As of March 28, 2013, it is illegal in Michigan for any teen with a Graduated Driver’s License (Level 1 or 2) to use a cell phone while driving. For your teen’s safety and for your wallet, it makes sense to take advantage of this technology.


  • Easy connection between devices (usually just a one-time procedure)
  • Pair your phone with your car stereo for hands-free calling
  • Voice-activated calling
  • Multiple mobile devices can be paired to one Bluetooth device
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Can be customized to include factory look-alike switches (it will seem like the technology came standard with your vehicle)


  • Safe, hands-free conversations; keep both hands on the wheel!
  • Less distractions while driving
  • Easily stream media from your mobile devices (music, podcasts, audio books, etc.)

If you have any questions about a product or whether an item is compatible with your vehicle, please call 989-790-2949 to get assistance from one of our expert technicians.

Installation for all Bluetooth kits is performed by expert technicians with years of industry knowledge and experience.