Auto Electrical Repair


Automotive Car & Truck Electrical Repair,

 Is your used vehicle beginning to show signs of it’s age? Are you having trouble with your vehicles electrical system? Is your vehicle equipped with electronic accessories from the factory that no longer work? Here is a good article that shows some simple steps for diagnosing some simple electrical issues (

    Your trusted mechanic may be experienced in brake, engine or transmission repair, but most of the mechanics that perform these repairs, are not trained to repair electrical issues. That’s where M&R Auto Electronics comes in. We specialize in automotive electrical repairs. Our Michigan State certified electrical technicians have been diagnosing and repairing these issues for over 30 years. Many electrical issues can be attributed to poor / broken wires. Sometimes complex computer systems are to blame. Luckily, M&R Auto electronics can replace and reprogram defective computers as well as track down faulty circuits. Some of the many issues we address on a daily basis are ; 

Power locks

Power windows

Power mirrors

Heating and Air conditioning

Radio – not coming on – no reception – no audio

Exterior lights like Headlights, parking lights and turn signals

Rear defroster

Power and heated seats

Battery draw

Vehicle not starting

Factory video system inop

Trailer wiring

Fuses blowing

At M&R Auto Electronics, we don’t repair your problems by simply replacing parts till your symptoms are gone. We diagnose your problem correctly, then repair or replace parts as needed. And all of our work is covered by our world class 1 year parts/labor warranty. We recommend replacing all defective parts with new OEM parts. But on occasion, some parts are too costly in comparison to the value of the vehicle. In those cases, salvage yard parts are a great alternative. M&R Auto Electronics also has the capability to program original equipment computers. We have the same programming equipment as GM, Ford and Chrysler. No need to have your electrical issues diagnosed at 1 shop, just to go to the dealer to have something programmed. Have any questions about your vehicles electrical system? Give us a call today 989-790-2949