Investing in an auto alarm system not only protects your vehicle and belongings, it protects you and your family as well. A good security system makes your vehicle not only more difficult to burglarize or steal, it can also enhance how you interact with your auto. Alarm remote systems allow you to easily set off a panic alarm, arm and disarm the alarm, lock and unlock your doors, and even pop open your trunk. Some auto security systems even interact with your smartphone, allowing you to control and monitor your vehicle’s security remotely from the palm of your hand.

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If added security and convenience aren’t great enough reasons to add a security system to your vehicle, most insurance companies offer lowered rates for vehicles equipped with an alarm. An auto alarm system will pay for itself!

Auto Alarm System Features

  • Two-way responsive remote
  • Starter-kill prevents your car from being hot-wired
  • One-touch panic alarm
  • Motion / Tilt / Glass-break sensors
  • Driver’s side priority unlock (open your door without unlocking the others)
  • Auxiliary outputs (add features such as a remote starter or window controls)
  • Smartphone controls
  • GPS – track your vehicle’s location


  • Vehicle security
  • Personal safety
  • Easily lock/unlock doors and hatches
  • Increased vehicle value
  • Reduced insurance premiums

If you have any questions about a product or whether an item is compatible with your vehicle, please call 989-790-2949 to get assistance from one of our expert technicians.

Installation for all auto alarm systems is performed by expert technicians with years of industry knowledge and experience.